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Our love for Newfoundlands started many many years ago, and in 1996 our dream came true when we got our first newfy from Steven & Michelle McConnell, of Beaubear Newfoundlands and a week after getting Mac we got our 2nd boy Duke.(litter brothers)   From then on Newfies have been a big part of our lifes, and off course our family.

We are proud to say that throughout our dogs show careers we have made breed history, with Cally becoming the first ever Newfoundland in Ireland to gain the title of Junior Champion. She was also crowned European Winner in 2009. Cally was also Top Newf in Ireland when she retired through ill health in 2010.

We have made up Irish Champions, junior champions and Cally and Dana when attending Crufts have gained placings, Dana infact winning her class.

Alison is the Secretary of The Molosser Breeds Assocation of Ireland, and Trevor holds the post of Vice-President.  Alison is also the Secretary of Banbridge & District Canine Club which hosts an All Breed Championship show under IKC/FCI ,  Trevor is Vice-Chairman of Banbridge Canine Club .We are founder members of The Emerald Isle Newfoundland Club , where Alison held the post of Club Secretary and Trevor was Club Treasurer.

We love the breed, and first and foremost our dogs are our pets, they share our home and our lives with us, usually getting to the sofas before us.  Showing is 2nd for us.  The joy we get from these gentle giants is reward in itself.

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