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Angel & Cally in garden
Cally,Kodi & Angel...
Dana & Cally in garden
Dana & Cally having tug of war over toy
Thirsty work being a newfy
Dana & Cally enjoying the white stuff
Dana and Simon enjoying apple picking... guess who stole the apple
Kodi and Cally picking apples July 2011
Granny Donaldson with Simon, Cally & Angel  (July 2011)
Simon, Kodi & Dana in the shade on warm day uly 2011
Dana and her daddy... at Emerald Isle Newfy Club show 2011 (Dana wins Post grad bitch class)
Cally and Dana in bitch challenge at Emerald Isle Newfy club show 2011 (Cally wins - handled by Michael Western)
Trevor with Dana and Alison with Cally on holiday in Killarney August 2011
Casey our grandson with Dana
Casey our wee grandson with Dana.
Casey our grandson and Dana
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